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your skills and find balance in your yachting career.
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Pursers, Interior Crew... Does this sound like you? 

    • Do you dream of being able to feel 100% confident in your role but you're struggling with a lack of support?

    • Do you want to wake up and be excited for the day, without having anxiety?

    •  Are you tired of feeling less than while other people around you seem to be succeeding?

    •  Are you struggling to break free from feeling lost so you can move forward in your career?

    •  Do you have a vision of being the best of the best, but you keep getting stuck with no one to turn to?

      If you answered 'yes' to any of these points, we invite you to discover the fastest way to succeed in your yachting career while saving time, reducing stress, having fun, gaining new skills, and finding support simultaneously! SIREN Club is a community and membership designed for the professional, career-driven interior crew!
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What you know + who you know


SIREN Club - powered by Virtual Pursers & The Yacht Purser.


Welcome to our SIREN Club Community! Finally, you can feel supported without judgment so you can excel in your yachting career & be confident in your every day.


Information is queen! Be the first to know about the latest industry news, yachting events, & regulatory updates. All in one place, ready for you to look like a rock star!


Save time & reduce mistakes; having the best systems in place is the most effective way to lessen stress & avoid errors. Say hello to templates, SOPs, checklists, and more!


Feel lost or like you’ve hit the ceiling? Say hell yes to personal & professional development through workshops, training, & courses; become the best version of you!


A collaborative community of like-minded yachting professionals. Build solid relationships and gain insight into best practices from your respected peers.

Join The VIP Waitlist

Join the VIP waitlist

Launching soon and taking limited applications for our founding members. Don't miss out on our founding members special! 

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